2024 3rd International Conference on Machine Vision, Automatic Identification and Detection (MVAID 2024)

Welcome Prof. Kannimuthu Subramaniyam, Anna University, India to be the Technical Program Committee Chair!

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Prof. Kannimuthu Subramaniyam, Anna University, India

Kannimuthu Subramaniyam is currently working as Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. He is also an In-Charge for the Center of Excellence in Algorithms. He is an IBM Certified Cybersecurity Analyst. He did PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at Anna University, Chennai. He did his M.E (CSE) and B.Tech (IT) at Anna University, Chennai. He has more than 16 years of teaching and industrial experience. He is the recognized supervisor of Anna University, Chennai. Three PhD candidate is completed their research under his guidance. He is now guiding 11 PhD Research Scholars. He has published 59 research articles in various International Journals. He published 2 books ("Artificial Intelligence" & “LinkedList Demystified-A Placement Perspective” and 3 Book Chapters (WOS / Scopus Indexed). He is acting as mentor / consultant for DeepLearning.AI, Hubino, MaxByte Technologies and Dhanvi Info Tech, Coimbatore. He is the expert member for AICTE Student learning Assessment Project (ASLAP). He has presented a number of papers in various National and International conferences. He has visited more than 100 Engineering colleges and delivered more than 138 Guest Lectures on various topics. He is the reviewer for 50 Journals and 3 Books. He has successfully completed the consultancy project through Industry-Institute Interaction for ZF Wind Power Antwerpen Ltd., Belgium. He has received funds from CSIR, DRDO and ISRO to conduct workshops and seminars. He has completed more than 610 Certifications (41 Specializations and 4 Professional Certifications) in Coursera, Hackerrank and NPTEL on various domains. He has guided a number of research-oriented as well as application-oriented projects organized by well-known companies like IBM. He is actively involving in setting up lab for Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Open-Source Software, Internet Technologies etc., His research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures and Algorithms, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Virtual Reality & Blockchain. One of his research works is incorporated SPMF Open-Source Data Mining Tool. Source: http://www.philippe-fournier-viger.com/spmf/index.php?link=algorithms.php. He Conferred   Second Best Team in NLP Challenge as part of FIRE 2019 conference. He secured first Position in NLP Challenge as part of FIRE 2018 Conference.

Kannimuthu Subramaniyam 目前在印度泰米尔纳德邦哥印拜陀的 Karpagam 工程学院计算机科学与工程系担任教授。他还是算法卓越中心的负责人。他是 IBM 认证的网络安全分析师。他在钦奈的安娜大学攻读计算机科学与工程博士学位。他在钦奈的安娜大学完成了工程硕士 (CSE) 和技术学士 (IT)。他拥有超过 16 年的教学和行业经验。他是金奈安娜大学公认的导师。三名博士研究生在他的指导下完成了他们的研究。他现在指导11名博士研究学者。他在各种国际期刊上发表了 59 篇研究论文。他出版了 2 本书(“人工智能”和“LinkedList Demystified-A Placement Perspective”和 3 本书章节(WOS / Scopus 索引)。他是 DeepLearning.AI、Hubino、MaxByte Technologies 和 Dhanvi Info Tech 的导师/顾问,哥印拜陀。他是 AICTE 学生学习评估项目 (ASLAP) 的专家成员。他在各种国内和国际会议上发表了多篇论文。他访问了 100 多所工程学院,并就各种主题发表了 138 多场客座演讲。他是 50 种期刊和 3 本书的审稿人。他通过产学研互动成功完成了比利时 ZF Wind Power Antwerpen Ltd. 的咨询项目。他获得了 CSIR、DRDO 和 ISRO 的资金来举办研讨会和研讨会。他在 Coursera、Hackerrank 和 NPTEL 的各个领域完成了 610 多项认证(41 项专业化和 4 项专业认证)。他指导了许多研究方向以及由 IBM 等知名公司组织的面向应用程序的项目。他积极参与建立云计算、大数据分析、开源软件、互联网技术等实验室,研究兴趣包括人工智能、数据结构和算法、机器学习、大数据分析、虚拟现实和区块链。他的一项研究工作是整合了 SPMF 开源数据挖掘工具。资料来源:http://www.philippe-fournier-viger.com/spmf/index.php?link=algorithms.php。作为 FIRE 2019 会议的一部分,他授予 NLP 挑战赛第二佳团队。作为 FIRE 2018 会议的一部分,他在 NLP 挑战赛中获得第一名。