2024 3rd International Conference on Machine Vision, Automatic Identification and Detection (MVAID 2024)

Welcome Assoc. Prof. Wanfu Gao, Jilin University, China to be the TPC!


Assoc. Prof. Wanfu Gao,  Jilin University, China

高万夫 副教授,吉林大学

Wanfu Gao was born in Jilin Province, China in 1990. He received the B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in the College of Computer Science from Jilin University in 2013 and 2019.   His research interests include feature selection, multi-label learning and information theory. He is an associate professor in the College of Computer Science of Jilin University and he is doing postdoctoral research in the College of Chemistry in Jilin University. Dr. Gao received 2019 ACM changchun doctoral dissertation award and Postdoctoral Innovative Talents Support Program under Grant No. BX20190137 and he has published more than 30 papers regarding feature selection including TNNLS, IEEE Trans on AI, PR, etc. He also served as a Reviewer for TCYB, TKDE, TNNLS, PR, and PC member of AAAI, etc.

高万夫,博士生导师,发表论文30余篇,包括IEEE 汇刊及中科院1区论文10余篇,中国自动化学会推荐期刊A类8篇,中国计算机学会推荐期刊B类12篇,中国计算机学会中文A类期刊1篇。主持和参加国家及省部级项目7项,入选人力资源和社会保障部博士后创新人才支持计划(全国每年400人),获得 2019 ACM China 长春分会优秀博士论文(吉林省 2 人),吉林省科技厅青年成长人才计划,AAIA member,担任10余种IEEE 汇刊及中科院1区论文审稿人。